Est. India
73-75 Union Street
Flat Iron Square
London, SE1 1SG
+44 20 7407 2004

Hari Ghotra Review

Like most people, I love trying different restaurants to experience the offering they have to share.

Times have changed and so have Indian restaurants. Luckily, in London, there are many different types of Indian restaurants to choose from.

The classic take away still exists and fulfils a very definite customer need, but we now have a whole array of places to choose from.

There are the very high-end establishments that provide a unique dining experience like the Gymkhana’s and Tamarind’s and there are the fun trendy street food joints like Dishoom, as well as specific regional restaurants too such as Hoppers.

These are all the high-end, well-known places that have great PR teams, but London also boasts (literally) hundreds of smaller Indian restaurants too. From the Desi pubs to takeaways and the traditional Indians, which still has the classic 70’s feel about it.

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